We’re so glad you’re here! We absolutely LOVE creating and performing our music. However, there is something much more important to us than concert tours, record deals, accolades, sponsorships, or trying to advance ourselves to fame and fortune in the music industry. It is a mission which is the driving force behind everything we do as a group – it’s what motivated us to produce our CD and build this website. What is it?

Simply this: God, the Creator of everything, sent His Son to earth as a man. After 33 years of living a perfect life, he was unjustly condemned to die in one of the most shameful and painful ways possible- slow death on a rough, wooden cross and separation from his Father in Heaven! On that day, Jesus Christ paid for ALL the ugly, evil sin from every person past, present and future. He died in YOUR place. He paid YOUR penalty. And then after 3 days, he rose from the dead victorious over sin and death- making it possible for you to live on forever with him after your time here is up.

Why did he do all this? Because he loves you. We are thrilled to tell you his grace and mercy are freely given to EVERY PERSON who believes these things! Do you believe this good news? If so, you can live every day with the true peace, joy and purpose that can only come from God, knowing that His work alone has secured your salvation and you’ve been sealed by his Holy Spirit forever. It is an awesome thing (in the real sense)! If you don’t believe this, we urge you to take your life after death seriously and sincerely consider these words.

Begin to study God’s Word and let the exciting journey begin! You can face the challenges that come your way with peace and confidence, because Christ now lives IN you and nothing can hurt you. When he cried out “It is finished!” while still painfully hanging there, he meant it! Embrace this gift and live a new life from this day forward, and more importantly know with confidence where you will go when your time here is up and you pass from this life.

This is our wish for you!