Filled with beautiful family harmonies, skilled musicianship and a love for bluegrass & acoustic gospel music, the Siegmann Family will leave you feeling charmed, moved and inspired!

This love for music goes back to their childhoods growing up together on the family farm in Rubicon, WI. Beginning in 2001 until 2009, they toured and performed all over the state of Wisconsin, originally with all 8 children and their parents. Then in 2011 they regrouped in order to continue bringing their honest, life-changing songs and messages to people everywhere through their concerts.

Their style is described as bluegrass, southern gospel, acapella and acoustic music with a Christ-centered message, along with inspirational speaking tucked in to help encourage change and victorious Christian living. They hope you enjoy their music and look forward to meeting you at an upcoming concert!

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Diane Witmer

    Everyone who attended last Sunday’s performance (Jan. 27th, 2019) provided by The Siegmann Family at the Tack Center in Spencer WI. were blessed with beautiful bluegrass and gospel music. It was a truly enjoyable afternoon. Am happy to have a copy of your CD and able to listen to many of your songs again. Hope to come visit your home town Rubicon some day this summer!

    Diane W.


  2. Mary Lueth

    Mary Lueth
    Your performance at the Oconomowoc Area Senior Center on March 11, 2019 was wonderful. I’m listening to your CD right now. Speaking Gods word was right on, need more of that in this sinful world we live in. Would love to get you to perform at out church or the Performing Art Center in Oconomowoc. I’ll look into it.
    Many Blessings to all of you.
    Mary Lueth


  3. My cousin and I attended an event that was sponsored by Take my town back at Juneau yesterday afternoon. We were to say very impressed with the organizational skills as you mentioned that went on behind the stage from volunteers, but your words from the Bible and your songs enforced your feelings of your love for our Savior. Thank you to each of you for sharing your musical ability and so appropriate with this event.


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